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We are hiring

Do you have a passion for marketing and sales?

Come join our team of passionate professionals helping hundreds of businesses reach their growth objectives. Be part of awesome team.

United State

Marketing/ Sales Internship

We are looking for a hardworking, passionate individual who is interested in learning how to make money in any economy and learn about the benefits and tools used in outsourcing, marketing, and entrepreneurship. Individuals must be energetic, hungry for success, driven and have large aspirations for themselves.

This position would work closely with Marketing Specialists to identify and develop new streams of revenue for the assigned campaign through UNIQUE advertising strategies including sales, promotions, and innovative marketing solution.

Please note that this is currently an unpaid internship. We’re offering you the chance to be exposed to a lot of hands-on training and opportunities to work directly with the principals, and the support you need to foster your own creative development, and grow with us.

Our Requirements:

    • Sales and marketing mindset
    • Integrity
//Strong work ethic
    • College Degree (Preferred But Not Required)
    • Excellent communication skills
    • Knowledge of Social Media

What ALL Interns receive:

    • Leadership development
    • People skills and sales /marketing skills
    • Training techniques
 & management
    • Fast-Pace, fun work environment
    • Time management mastery

United State

Sales Representative

Strategic Marketing Group is a sales and marketing firm looking for entry-level candidates we can develop into managers. As we continue to grow and expand, we will provide a team of intelligent and career-minded sales professionals to represent our potential clients with a personalized approach.

Our clients contract us to perform as marketing consultants in providing them with a structured strategic approach to marketing their business online to generate targeted leads. We are experiencing explosive growth, so we are seeking to add a dynamic Sales Representatives to our team!

You will be engaged in inside sales/marketing. Leads are provided and cold calling is required. As a dynamic Sales Representative, you are in control of your future! You will be speaking to potential clients about their business needs and helping them increase their overall growth, empower local commerce.

You have the opportunity to build new strengths and skills in a changing job force. As you grow, you will assist those you connect with also grow. You will connect with prospective clients by making informal outbound calls.

This position is a commission base with the opportunity to grow as an individual and as a member of a dynamic technically savvy marketing team, whose purpose is to help small and large businesses become leaders in the online business market.


Job Description:

    • High school degree or GED required
    • Basic computer skills
    • Prior sales experience or strong sale characteristics
    • Ability to work a flexible schedule

What We Offer:

    • Opportunity to grow as a member of a dynamic team
    • Opportunity to build new strength and skills
    • Culture of promotion from within
    • Attractive compensation and bonuses
    • Full training provided

Philippines, Indiana

Superstar Virtual Assistant

We are currently searching for a virtual assistant who can do simple website design, sales funnel design, social media marketing, advertising, SEO, email marketing, Copy writing, article blog & ebook writing, and customer service for our clients.

In order to qualify for this position, you must have good English communication, you must be self-motivated, hardworking, focused, enthusiastic, and you must be willing to help us grow as a company. We also require that you have a 4-year college education and degree.

Our monthly salary will vary between $200 – $250 starting out and will increase quickly based on performance. Again this can be negotiated and increase up to $450 if you qualify. You’ll enjoy the luxury of being paid bonuses for top quality work, you see we like to reward our superstar virtual assistants.


    • knowledge of Photoshop// Must own a copy
    • Possess PHP, HTML, CSS skills with the ability to customize word press sites
    • Have a strong command of the English language both verbally and written
    • Have the ability to take screenshots and send them via email
    • Strong internet connection
    • Can screen record videos from 0-­‐5 minutes in length
    • knowledge of responsive web design

What We Offer:

    • Job security and competitive rate
    • Full-time hr with a 30min lunch break
    • Ability to receive weekly pay via Paypal
    • Attractive compensation and bonuses
    • Full training provided

Those interested and meet the above criteria, please send your resume together with your cover letter via e-mail at careers@smgllcweb.com